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About the Company President

Teacher, Speaker, Leader, Learner are all words to describe Company President, Michael Maya Charles. 

 Michael Maya Charles began flying at age 11 and worked for a small FBO as a line boy long before he had a driver’s license. By the time he was 21, he had an ATP and CFII with over 4,000 hours. He has managed a Part 141 flight school, owned and operated two Part 135 charter companies, was chief pilot for several corporations, and flew a quarter century for the airlines, including a stint as a check airman in the venerable Boeing 727. 


With over four decades as a professional pilot, Michael retired as an MD-11 captain for a major airline with over 22,000 hours in over 200 aircraft types—half of those hours in general aviation singles, twins, jets, turboprops and helicopters; he’s also an A&P mechanic and an Aviation Safety Counselor/FAAST Team Member for the Denver FSDO. 


Michael is also a prolific writer, having been editor-in-chlef and columnist for FLYING Magazine, and a contributing writer for Vertical Magazine, AOPA Pilot, and AvWeb. His book, Artful Flying, "Turning Your Passion for Flying into a Lifetime of Excellence,” is all about human performance in the cockpit.


In addition to his consulting and publishing work, Michael instructs in both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, specializing in tailwheel flying, and Real World IFR training.

Capt. Michael Maya Charles