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iPIC Consulting

Speaking from Experience

iPIC stands for: insight. Perspective. Ideas. Culture. 

Sure we bring ideas and expertise, like many consulting firms. But we pride ourselves in taking a different perspective, which is often the hardest one to see when your company   is standing in the middle of a problem or challenge; we also connect the dots, which often brings new insights; and we continually feel for the pulse of the culture of your organization, which either builds great companies -- or hinders change and growth. 

Depth and Breadth 

Chances are, we've probably been there, or done that -- or know an expert who has. So, try us: What do you need? 

Not afraid to say, "No." 

In spite of our experience, we know when to say no. If we don't believe we can deliver your project, we will just say so. That way, we both win. 


Because of our many years in the business, we have a "thick Rolodex" full of friends and experts who bring a wide range of specialized experience to your project.